The Press Kit

Press kits are not just for the press! They are an important tool to disseminate information on your issues and other newsworthy materials to the public.[1] Press kits are an important tool at trade show booths & press rooms, and special events. However, gone are the days of sending out large press kit mailings.[2] Press kits are most useful when trying to get exposure in newspapers, magazines, and websites. They are also helpful when trying to get booked in clubs and in other live performance venues.[3]

Press kits are publicity based promotional tools that are targeted towards the media. The media then use this ?press kit?[4] Press kits are relatively inexpensive ways to get you noticed -- perfect for creative but fiscally challenged freelancers. With an average price of $5,000, they're way cheaper than most forms of advertising.[5] Press kits are typically not helpful in leading you to a great audition and gig, either. More musicians waste their time, energy, and money sending packages in the mail rather than just getting out there, being heard, and making friends.[6]

Press kits are available all year long and include a variety of materials such as press releases, PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) to share with your local media, i.e. TV networks, radio stations and newspapers, as well as sample letters to your governor and mayor(s) offices, bumper stickers, brochures, and more.[7] Press kits are packets of background information that are provided to members of the media at special events (conventions, press conferences, trade shows, etc.) or in conjunction with new product or service announcements. Businesses commonly utilize press kits as part of its overall public relations effort to disseminate new information about its products, services, operations, or other activities to the public.[8] Press kits are a one-stop source for the media to get information about your company and products. Information included in kits should be kept simple and to the point?journalists are not interested in slick marketing materials or brochures; they are after hard news.[9]

Press kits are evaluated by PICA industry editors. Judges score the entries independently, and the AEM statistical department tabulates the scores.[10] Press kits are probably the one area of the music presentation field that needs the most work. The press kit holds your presentation.[11]

Media advisories are memos to news directors and editors inviting them to an event. They should originate from the event organizer (on letterhead).[12] Media interviews can take place over the phone, in-person or at a television station studio. In every case, there are certain key tips that will serve you well.[13]

Reporters are often on very short timelines. Make sure to get back to them as quickly as possible so they can make their story deadline.[14] Reporters have a 24/7 news cycle to fill. Without press releases from companies, reporters can’t possibly find enough content for all those stories.[15]

Contacting a person you’re comfortable with rather than someone you don’t know is human nature. So, step outside your office and find ways to interact with the media socially and in the field.[19] Contact the reporter, media representative or public service director and make sure they received the materials. Maintain contact with them by sending updated information like press advisories and additional press releases on a regular basis.[20]

Booksellers in particular will want to have a photo to use when they are promoting your event, and many newspapers will include author photos with reviews or interview stories. Black-and-white was once the norm, but color is being used more often now (for color, use slides instead of not prints).[22] Booking agents, talent scouts, and corporate event planners don't wait for mailed tapes, CD's or bios any more. Decisions are made online in minutes.[23]

Include images or photos for your most important products or services and inform your reader that others are available upon request. [26] Includes 5-year demographic/ modality projections, modality saturation analysis, extensive referring physician interviews and analysis, and detailed competitor impact analysis. In addition, best practice market development strategies are tailored to meet each client's unique market and competitive demands.[27] Include anything unique that sets your band or act apart from others. Hopefully music journalists will use this as a foundation for any articles or reviews on your band, so help them make it interesting.[28]

Coverage from obscure or amateur media is not a good idea, no matter how sincere their write-ups might be. If you are photocopying newspapers or magazine articles, make sure the copies are clear, easy to read, and include the names and dates of the publications.[35] Covering all UK outlets, both automotive and non-automotive, as well as many overseas outlets, it is constantly researched and updated to ensure maximum accuracy. [36]

Printed press kits are available by e-mail or phone request. Press kits include Company history and overview, publicity photos, logo files and other Company materials.[38] Prints are shipped insured for their cost via Federal Express or UPS and must be returned the same way or an equivalent method. Do not ship prints back via US Mail unless specifically allowed by Milestone before shipping.[39]

Clients will be prepped prior to conference. [45] Clients may bring their own clippings and other materials, and SJK PR will compile them in a professional binder for presentation to prospective media and venues. Alternatively, SJK PR works directly with its clients to create the necessary materials to make professional, presentation-ready press kits for its clients.[46]

Furthermore, don’t make the mistake of creating an inadequate media kit because the bad media kits are no more useful than not having any at all! [49] Further, TCFF does not assume any responsibility for any damage whatsoever to any person(s) participating and/or attending any event associated with TCFF. All submissions are reviewed by a panel of judges selected by TCFF.[50]

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