For doctors who wish to add the Dentime System to their offices, please visit this demo website, watch the videos, and then return here to place an order. The fee is $47 / month for the first month, to see if you like the system. You will receive a fully-functional dashboard, with access to all the resources and links. At the 25 day mark, we will contact you, to see if you wish to subscribe to our service. That fee is $97 per month.

Offices can make upwards of an extra $2000 to $5000 per month (or more) extra hygiene revenue per month with the Dentime System.

Check it out. If you are interested, just complete the form below. Once we have your one-time payment, we'll contact you with your very own, password protected dashboard.

Note: If you want to save a little money, use the form below and sign up for the monthly subscription right off the bat. You can cancel anytime, and the $97 fee is reduced to just $85. You save $12 each month, or $144 per year.

The new year is upon us. Sign up today. We'll deliver your dashboard, with all the training resources, in just three business days. You will be off and running in 2022, to making more hygiene revenue and having a better life.

Pay with MoonClerk

One month  trial: $47.00.  Monthly subscription (discounted):  $85.00.